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Tired of trying to lose weight? Confused if the choices you are making at your “jam3iya” are right or wrong? Suffering from any medical condition but don’t know what food to buy or eat? Worried if your child is being fed properly. Trying to maintain a good health or weight but don’t know what to eat when going out?

Then this package is the right for one for you! Mira will be your private nutritionist, assisting you and the whole family in your daily food choices, checking on the food products you’re buying, then making the needed changes from coop straight to your kitchen itself!


  • A first session to understand more your past experiences, medical conditions and eating habits.
  • Coops visits if needed (helping you read the labels and choosing the right food)
  • A better healthy living for you and the whole family while only changing your eating habits and food choices.
  • Guidance, motivational and emotional support because being healthy includes mind, emotions and social life, and the key is to make intelligent choices when facing it.
  • No diet plans given, we focus on Healthy Lifestyle!

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