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Press Releases

- Interview In Al Siyassa Newspaper (Kuwait)

1- Diet for pregnant women.

2- Causes of obesity, treatment, superfoods for weight loss, healthy cooking tips and other advices 


3- Ramadan Newspaper Interview ( Kuwait) 

Because Ramadan seems to be centered around food, starting from Iftar time, to Ghabka and Souhour time,  of course without forgetting the sweet part , nutrition tips and advices were given to avoid bad habits including weight gain, digestive problems, reflux and many more...

4- Interview In Mondanite magazine ( Kuwait)

Secrets-for Weight loss and diet misconceptions

5- Nutritional article in Kidzee newsletter: Oct/Nov 2011 ( Kuwait)

This article is addressed to parents, I wrote some tips that can benefit all parents who care for their kids health! :)  











6- Al Diyar Newspapers  (Lebanon): 2012

1- Encourage your child to like vegetables!

2- How to choose a healthy coffee?

7- Pharma Sante Magazine ( Lebanon): 2012

- March issue: Fight Menopause!









 - April issue: Best Snacks you  can munch on!






 - May issue: Beat stress through good nutrition!






8- Fitness news magazine: (Lebanon)

March issue: For healthy mothers!





- April issue: Burn calories by incident!






- May issue: Lose weight in bed!






- June issue: Fight cellulite!









9- Al-Yakaza magazine (Kuwait & Lebanon):

This interview was done at my clinic, explaining what is special about my clinic, what are the special products I have, the special tests I do  and about the services we offer from anti-cellutluite  to fat cavitation.







10- Al Khaleej Interview: Ramadan Special


Full Interview

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