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The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps of detecting the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.

Nutrition, which is basically giving your body the nutrients it needs at all life stages is important for everyone..

As you always hear, some food can make your body the healthiest it can be, boost your immune system, and help keep your risk for breast cancer as low as possible. But also maintaining a healthy weight may help reduce the risk of breast cancer..

Studies have shown that women who gained weight after their breast cancer diagnosis had an increased risk of recurrence, so weight is an important factor..

Look at this study for example.. In fact, Japanese women (they eat healthy food) have a much lower rate of breast cancer than American women. But when Japanese women emigrate to live in the USA, their breast cancer risk goes up. So the difference in risk must has to do with lifestyle or the environment rather than any inherited risk. And the most obvious change is their whole lifestyle (way of eating, activity factor, pollution..)

Regarding the food we eat, there is no strong evidence that ONE specific food or supplement will prevent the risk of getting breast cancer or reduce the risk of recurrence.

Actually the research of diet and breast cancer is still ongoing, but  what we need to focus on:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit (more than 5 cups a day), as those contain a  lot of antioxidants, that prevent oxidation, so prevents free radicals form producing in the body.. Free Radicals formation are a risk factor of any cancer. 
  • Keep your body weight in a healthy range
  • Try to limit your fat intake to less than 30% of your total calories per day. So start eliminating some food with the highest fat content and gradually lower the amount of unhealthy fat you eat, like fried food, butter, yellow cheese, croissants, donuts, cakes...)
  • Eat food high in omega-3 fatty acids like fish, salmon, tuna, nuts, avocado, olive oil, canola oil
  • Eat more Soy, like edemame, or drink soya milk.. Soy contain isoflavones, that act as weak estrogen in the body, and prevent cancer cells for developping.


  • Avoid trans fat, red meat, and any food that has been cooked on very high temperatures, or even eating burned food
  • Stay Away from processed food and  food that contain Nitrates, like salami, hotdog, mortadella
  • Stay away from any food that contain colorant like candies, soft drinks..

Stay Fresh and eat every food in its season.




Warning Signs You Have Diabetes

 Type 2 diabetes is far the most common form of diseases, especially in Kuwait, where I live.. So 80 % of my clients are diabetics and they just neglect this.. We know that obesity is the number one cause, also genes play an important role in that.

It can sneak up on you without causing symptoms that get your attention. It’s called “the silent killer” for a reason.  So it's quite likely that people are living their lives without knowing that they have diabetes, and that’s a risk that can lead to serious health problems such as nerve damage, vision problems, kidney disease, heart attack and stroke.

1- Frequent Urination: As the body loses its ability to use the glucose in the bloodstream, the kidneys respond by trying to remove the extra glucose through urination.. So  waking up at night to urinate, especially multiple times, is quite common for those who are developing type 2 diabetes.

2-Excessive thirst: The kidneys are working hard to get rid of the unused glucose from the bloodstream, so higher levels of fluid are flushed from the body. In response, a person is quite likely to feel thirsty much more often than usual.

3-Weight Loss: Although obesity is one of the causes of diabetes, the inability of their body to absorb glucose makes it use protein from muscle tissue for fuel, which results in a sudden and unplanned weight loss..

4- Feeling Hungry: The body's  inability to absorb the glucose it normally uses for fuel, can trigger excessive hunger in response. As blood sugar levels change, feelings of hunger may be the result, while you're still eating the same portions you were eating.

5-Fungal Infections: Diabetes can also suppress the immune system making the body much more vulnerable to infections. The most common infections are yeast infections and other types of fungal infections, mainly around the lips..

6- Blurred vision: Abnormally high blood glucose levels can cause changes in the eyes, altering the shape of the lens which then results in blurred vision.. But this can return to normal  after blood sugar levels are returned to normal levels.

7-Fatigue: Being subject to high blood sugar levels over an extended period of time may cause a constant state of fatigue, which also may be accompanied by irritability. So once blood sugar levels are back to normal, the person then realizes how bas it was.

So Be Carful, don't neglect those signs..

Calling Sardine Lovers..

As you know by now, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to good health and have been proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and the growth of cancer cells. They even help battle depression!


Salmon is a popular source of omega-3 fatty acids, but its high price made  some consumers to look for other alternatives... That's why, Sardines are now taking the center stage! :)


Although all fish contain amount of omega-3 fatty acids but in different proportions, sardines contain the highest levels... And the American Heart Association recommends eating fatty fish like sardines, and salmon at least twice a week.

Approximate Omega-3 (EPA/DHA) content in grams per 100 grams of fresh uncooked fish:


1- Sardines: 1.7 g

2- Tuna: 1.6 g

3- Salmon: 1.4 g

4- Anchovies: 1.4 g


5- Sea Bass: 0.4 g

6- Shrimps: 0.4 g

7- Crab: 0.4 g

8- Lobster: 0.2 g

Sardines are also rich in essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Selenium, Calcium (because of its tiny bones), iron and protein.

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Cheese Anyone??

When talking about cheeses, we don't usually take into consideration the color of the cheese and we don't  try to differentiate between yellow and white ones!

But if you are addicted to cheese like I am, I guess you need to start thinking a bit more about calories, fat, cholesterol and portions! :D


There are plenty of kinds of cheese that differ in texture, taste and colors!

Yellow cheeses have in general more fat, cholesterol and calories than white cheeses! But it all depends as well on the kind of the white cheese we are considering.

Let's go deeper!

Common high-fat yellow cheeses: Cheddar, kashkawan, Emmental, Swiss cheese, Amercican cheese and Gouda.

Common Low-fat yellow cheeses: Parmesan

Common high- fat white cheeses: Kraft, brie, cambozola, roqueford and halloumi

Common low-fat white cheeses: Feta, Mozzarella, Boursin, Double-Creme, Ekkawi, cottage, Goat cheese

Eating cheese can be much more easier right now, right? And always  substitute non- fat or low-fat cheeses in your recipes!! They can save you many fat grams and extra non needed calories, yet they can be richer in Calcium!

HIGH- FAT cheeses SHOULD NOT BE EATEN by people who suffer from cholesterol!!

Why Buy Iodized Salt?

I'm sure a lot of you don't know what does iodized salt mean exactly! Some of  my friends are using it because they only know it's healthier than the regular salt!

Personally I use it at home! It has the same taste as the regular salt but as said before much more healthier!! :)

But what's IODIZED SALT? Read the rest of this entry »

The Fake Crab!

Who's trying to boost protein consumption?

Well eating red meat, chicken, low- fat dairy products, eggs and seafood can be a real good source of high quality proteins, so thumbs up for those who are doing that..

Protein shakes are also a good thing to have as long as your protein intake is minimal..

I usually go for seafood as it is the leanest protein choice to have, plus it's high in Omega-3 which is excellent for brain health.. And people who suffer from high triglyceride levels surely do the same: Omega-3 is the best natural nutritional remedy for that..

But I'm seeing lately a lot of people who are on a high protein diet eating Surimis", either in their sushi rolls, in their salad, or just buying" it from supermarket and having them as late night snack; they as tempting, low in calories and taste good..

FOR THOSE PEOPLE AND ALL CRAB LOVERS! Read the rest of this entry »

Crack and Open a coconut!

Coconut is known as the Tree of Life!

Coconut is one of those food that seem to fluctuate between the 'good food' and 'bad food' list, and if you're confused about this, no worries! Coz even the experts are!!

Both the American Heart Association and the National Heart Foundation recommend avoiding the use of coconut oil for cooking, as it is high in saturated fat and increase blood cholesterol! And that's how the confusion about coconut fruit came up!


No doubt, coconut is very high in fat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that 1 cup of raw coconut contains roughly 24 g of saturated fat. With this high fat content, raw coconut is also a very high-calorie food, with 283 calories per cup, says the USDA.

Here are the nutritional facts of one piece of raw coconut (45 grams):

Serving size: 45 g

Calories: 159, and calories from fat: 126

Total fat: 15 grams, and saturated fat: 13 grams

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Dietary fat: 4 grams

Coconut is high in fiber, Vitamin B, Iron and Zinc. 

So As you noticed, coconut fruit is free of cholesterol, but contains high amount of saturated fat which increases LDL level and thus increases blood cholesterol level!

And any high-calorie food can lead to weight and fat gain if not counted into your overall daily calorie intake and physical activity regimen.


HOWEVER!! Read the rest of this entry »

What about Eating Raw liver?

Last night, spending more than half an hour talking about raw liver while having dinner pushed me to share it with you as well! It's strange and nice to know how people can be concerend about some food I don't usually pay attention to!

There is a lot of debate concerning eating raw liver.. Some people say it's full of essential vitamins and minerals and we should consume it at least 3 times a week, others say it's not recommended as it can be dangerous to our heart and kidneys.

I got also surprised knowing that  people can have this meal for breakfast! I guess it is a matter of culture and taste :)


It's known by all ancient societies that liver is the most nourishing food on the planet! It contains more nutrients, than any other food!

More importantly, it's loaded with  Vitamin A that helps promoting healthy vision, fertility in males and females allowing a proper embryonic development.

Vitamin B12, Iron and Folic Acid are also very important for people who suffer from Anemia, so raw liver is a perfect cure for them, and the best thing is eating raw liver once or twice a week..

However.. Read the rest of this entry »

Caffeine and weight loss??

Are you one of those who lost weight on caffeine?? or maybe thinking that it was the caffeine effect while you were trying to control your food quality and quantity..

I personally never think using those methods to lose some fat or kg, I always adpat the natural way which I'm sure you all know:

Eating a balanced diet + exercise!


But, what is the direct relation between caffeine and weight loss? And why a lot of burning pills are made of Caffeine?


I will start by saying that caffeine may slightly boost weight loss or maybe prevent weight gain, but there's no proves that increased caffeine consumption can lead to permanent weight loss!

When I say caffeine, it doesn't mean only the coffee we drink, but also different beverages including caffeine like tea, energy drinks and cola, products containing cocoa or chocolate.


What does coffee do?? Read the rest of this entry »

Post Ramadan: Back on Track

Breakfast  is one of  the 3 important meals we should never skip!" You've been hearing this sentence a lot! Aren't you??

But after Ramadan long fasting hours, Our body got used not to have its early morning fuel.. Our food and sleep timings,  are no more organized.. 

You all know so far that when skipping the day meals and getting one late meal, the metabolism wil shut down, our lifestyle will turn out to be unhealthy.... Fat will be easily stored, and weight will increase.

So it's time to get back to the old good habits! Get your sleep schedule back and never skip breakfast!

Why? Here is a quick reminder :)


If you have this habit of skipping breakfast, then here are 3 important reasons why you should not!

When spending more than 8 hours sleeping and without food, you need some energy to break this fast! Eating in the morning is a necessity, it simply provides you with this energy.

That's why it is called  Break/ fast!


Reason 1: Getting  all the essential vitamins your body needs!

There are some kinds of food that can't be taken in big quantities except on breakfast, like milk,cheese, cereals enriched with iron, eggs and fruits! So when choosing a healthy breakfast, you body is taking in all the needed vitamins and minerals. You will end up having stronger bones health, healthier skin and hair, and stronger immunity!

Reason 2: Boosting  your metabolism and helping  you lose weight! Read the rest of this entry »

Amar Al Deen!

I'm not a big fan of Amar Al Deen, but since a lot of people  love to eat this during Ramadan specifically, thought of  sharing some nutritional informaton about it..

Amar Al Deen, or what we call the dry apricot sheets originally come from Syria, and usually Dried apricots carry a much higher concentration level of nutrients than any other forms! Almost 10 kilos of fresh apricots produce 3 kilos of dried apricots!


They are a great source of beta carotene (the plant form of vitamin A), which gives it the orange color just like carrots, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe, and which acts as an  antioxidant for the body, and prevents all sorts of cancer diseases.


Apricots are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that helps prevent male infertility, osteoporosis, skin cancer, eye disease, prostate, breast and endometrial cancers!

They also provide your body with the most essential vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, calcium,  phosphorus, and vitamin C from apricots.

Amar Al Deen is a great  food to have during Ramadan to compensate for all the loss of the essential nutrients caused by the long fasting hours!!

It naturally treats constipation due to its cellulose and pectin content. It also aids in the digestion process, and so helps to digest food better if you take some before your meal.

3 dried apricots contain 65 calories! 

My Advice is to stay away from the juice form, as it is high in calories and sugar. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Reasons to Love MILK!

 A lot of you don't like drinking milk, or others might think that milk can interfere with weight loss!

Some are allergic to the lactose and others just don't like the taste..

People who have lactose intolerance have solutions for their problem: They can go for the lactose- free milk or the  soya one.

I've mentioned before the difference between these 2:


Milk can cause am mild faltulence if having it very hot, so That' why I ended up having it cold, with some ice cubes.. Refreshing in this hot weather!


But for those who don't like the taste or whoever thought that milk doesn't help in losing weight, I'll give you now 4 REASONS to start liking it, and maybe start changing your mind :D

1)  It builds bones:

Just one cup of milk provides 30 % of the daily value of calcium, a mineral that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth.

To get the amount of calcium from other foods, you would have to eat more than 7 cups of raw broccoli for example or maybe more than 2 cans of sardines!!

Calcium is essential for the formation of children and teenagers bones , and is also essential to rebuild the bone mass that we lose with age.

Conclusion: Young or Old, we need milk :)

2) It's the number one source of vitamin D:

Scientists have discovered that vitamin D is not only important for calcium absorption, it also improves immunity, reduces the risk of some cancers, diabetes, and promotes better blood pressure.

3) It keeps your muscles strong: Read the rest of this entry »

Al Khaleej Newspapers: Ramadan Full Interview

Al Khaleej full interview

Read my Full interview at Al Khaleej Newspapers, Ramadan Special, and Learn the healthiest steps for a healthy Ramadan, to prevent weight gain and many other health conditions..



Jallab  is one of those drinks associated with hot, lazy summer days! It is also directly associated with the hot season of Ramadan!!

What is Jallab??

One of the most popular drinks in the Middle East, Jallab is made by diluting  Jallab syrup (made of grape molasses, dates and rose water) with water, and serving it  with crushed ice.

Jallab is always topped with pine nuts, raisins and almonds!

So the main ingredient of Jallab is Dates!! As discussed in an earlier article, dates are loaded with all the essential nutrients needed to replenish the loss we had during the fasting days! For people who don't fast, dates are also very beneficial to them!


Date Fruit is enriched with 20 different types of amino acids. It is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, sulfur, selenium and dietary fiber!

It  is high in essential vitamins like niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 needed to prevent dehydration.

Besides that, almonds and pine nuts are  "heart friendly" mono-unsaturated fatty acids that help in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

Pine nuts specifically is loaded with the healthiest minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium!!


  • Over-consumption of Jallab increases the risk of obesity. One glass provides not less than 200 calories!
  • It is a high glycemic index drink, which means it increases your blood sugar level and eventually increases your chance of  having diabetes.






Healthy Ramadan Fasting...

Moubarak 3alaykom el chaher! 


Fasting in Ramadan is simply a detoxification to our body. It cleans our digestive system, and flushes out all the toxins.


The concept of Ramadan and healthy fasting during this month seems to be misunderstood by some people. They tend to binge on food from the minute they start eating until they stop. This is what makes them feel abdominal discomfort, constipation and and weight gain.

Accumulation of food at one raw can cause headache, indigestion, reflux and lack of sleep as well.

How can we get rid of that and how should we eat during this month?

Because we are fasting for more  than 8 hours, we need to watch out for the food we consume.

Consuming slow-digesting foods like fiber, vegetables more than fast-digesting food like juices, white bread, sweets, sugary drinks, can be a good way to start. Fast digesting food make us feel hungry again after 2 to 3 hours of eating.

Fried foods cause heartburn, indigestion and weight gain.

Why do we tend to gain weight easily during this month, even when our food quantities are still as same as before??

When we are fasting for more than 8 hours, our metabolism slows down. Introducing food after these 8 fasting hours makes us gain weight easily. So imagine when we eat big quantities at one shot! Our body is no longer burning enough calories, our metabolism is very low and we tend to gain a lot of weight!


So...How should we break the fast to avoid all the problems mentioned before?? Read the rest of this entry »

Orthorexia Nervosa, a new eating disorder..

Unlike Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia who are considered very dangerous eating disorders, Orthorexia Nervosa was introduced in 1997 by M.D Steven Bratman..

Actually, Orthorexia is characterized by an extreme or let's say excessive preoccupation with avoiding food perceived to be unhealthy; it is not really recognized as a clinical diagnosis, but many people show symptoms associated with this new term.

People who have Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia  diseases, are obsessed by the calorie intake and how to be thin, while people who have Orthorexia Nervosa, are more obsessed about how to eat healthy and maintain a proper diet rather that being thin and watching their weight..

But, what's wrong when someone really wants to eat and be healthy?? you're  asking yourself that question, right?

Well the wrong thing about that, is that people with Orthoreia are those who have an “unhealthy obsession” with  healthy eating , so they start eliminating healthy food categories like good fat, natural sugar, fiber or bread, meat, chicken or seafood or other important food thinking that the elimination of those food is healhtier for them.. While actually their daily eating habits turn out to be completely unhealthy..

There is no proved reasons for that behavior but some underlying reasons can explain it, like increasing self esteem, escaping from fears, wanting to be thin, searching for spirituality through food, or just using food to create a self identity.

Ask yourself those questions: Read the rest of this entry »

How to stop a heart attack in a minute?

how to stop a heart attack in a minute?

Well this article looked so interesting to me..

If you have a any friend or family member who is prone to heart diseases, try this remedy, which is quite easy and doable at anytime..

It's all about the herb Cayenne pepper, a type of chilli pepper, that seems so efficient in preventing a heart attack..







Nutrition has to do with everything!

Nutrition, health, beauty and well being… I can say these words mean the same thing and are somehow related...


So, What to eat when you want to:       

1-    Maintain your immunity:


- Kiwi fruit: You know that vitamin C plays a big role in your immune system, but did you know that kiwi has twice as much vitamin C than oranges.

Have 2 to 3 kiwis a day or have it as a juice!


- Probiotic yogurt:

I personally advice you to keep this friend in the fridge! It helps multiply the level of good bacteria in the digestive tract and prevents pathogens from entering your system.

- Oysters: Read the rest of this entry »

Wanna Travel but still Be Healthy?

We all travel. We all worry about what to eat when we travel.

Some people gain all the weight they lost before going on holidays, and others can still be aware about the quality and the quantity of their food.

For me, being on vacation means relaxing, changing environment, and getting out of the routine. While getting out of the routine, it 's hard for me to maintain a diet or if you want a healthy way of eating. Also It's hard  to stick to the food timings.

But I try as much as I can to follow some key tips, it’s not as hard as it seems! :)


 1- Engage in touristic activities that involve walking which help in burning calories and most importantly it's fun at the same time.

2-    Drink plenty of water and reduce the intake of other drinks like soft drinks and juices which contain lots of sugar and calories.

You can have only one glass of fresh juice a day..

3-    Use sweeteners instead of white sugar for your coffees and teas

1 teaspoon of white sugar has 20 calories v/s 1 teaspoon of sweetener has less than 1 calorie.

4-    Select a variety of vegetable salads and emphasize on mustard and lemon dressings, instead of mayonnaise and Italian dressings.

5-    Reduce the intake of junk and sweets that contain high amounts of fat, sodium, butter and sugar. But you can still indulgeyourself  once in a while.

Replace it by health dishes, like mushroom steak with baked potato, grilled chicken breast with steamed rice, tomato sauce pastas, sorbets, fruit salads, jelly, frozen yogurt ice creams…


6-    Don’t skip any of the three main meals: Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Read the rest of this entry »

Who loves Cranberries?

It is delicious, maybe more sweet than other juices like pineapple and orange, but offer unique health benefits.


Studies have consistently shown that a diet poor in fruits and vegetables is directly related to the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Cranberries are on the top list of fruits in having strong antioxidant properties, and its compounds are structurally different and unique than any other plant foods!

In fact, the level of antioxidants in one glass of cranberry juice is equal or even greater than the content in a serving of red wine!


Which form is the best??


Cranberries are naturally low in calories, fat and sodium.

They are good source of potassium and dietary fiber.

Recent research suggests that many forms of cranberries are beneficial to heart health.

Besides the fresh fruit and 100 % juice products, other cranberry containing products like cranberry sauces or even mixed juices containing cranberries also proved to lower LDL and increase HDL, according to the British Journal of Nutrition.


THIS IS NOT ALL!! Read the rest of this entry »

Do Olives Raise blood cholesterol level?

It is known that olive oil  helps in lowering your blood cholesterol and LDL levels, thus it will raise your good cholesterol levels, HDL.

That's because  olive oil contains 77 percent monounsaturated fat.


Do OLIVES have the same effects??

A lot of  people think that unlike olive oil, olives have the ability to raise blood cholesterol.



Olives contain some of your EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids, in this case poly-unsaturated fat) which are good for you just like olive oil...

And these are good in moderation as long as you don't over do it.

The Mediterranean diet is a beneficial kind of diet characterized by a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, spices and the occasional glass of wine.
It is also associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks, cancers and both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. And Olives take a big part in such kind of diet! .


Along with monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, olives also contain linolenic acid,  an omega-3 fatty acid and an important antioxidant that can lower triglycerides, decrease the risks of blood clots and sudden heart attacks.
But olives are rich in sodium and so it is not advisable for people with high blood pressure.
Note that I am talking about the non-stuffed olives. Stuffed olives can be high in fat depending on their ingredients.
10 olives contain 45 calories, are are considered as 1 exchange of fat.

Cook Smart/ Eat Smart

Make these tiny changes to your cooking routine and you will add up flavor and variety to your food while cutting out sugar, salt and cholesterol!

1- Spice it up!

Pick 2 to 3  herbs you like. Fresh herbs and spices infuse your cooking with more flavor than salty, fatty sauces or dressings.


2- Bake, don't fry! Read the rest of this entry »

A Healthy Easter

Happy Palm Sunday!  Sha3ninei Mbarakei And Happy Easter for all christians! :)

Easter is a time of family gatherings, celebrations and really yummy foods!

However, the non- stop offering of Easter eggs, chocolate, maamoul, liquor and sugary almonds can turn your Easter into a high fat festival! :D

Eggs in moderation are fine. They are rich sources of proteins, vitamin A, and lutein. One egg has around 75 calories and 200 mg of cholesterol, which is almost 2/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance (300mg).

Enjoy the tradition of trapping boiled eggs, and have them in moderation.

3 eggs per week are fine and healthy.

Now concerning the traditional and delicious meals, you should reduce the fat and salt content by using herbs and spices, and by adopting healthy ways of cooking.

Key methods:  little oil when cooking, little oil on your salads instead of the creamy dressings, boiled rice instead of  adding margarine, using a spray oil to fry ot to cook, instead of the fatty oil.

Spray oils are found in supermarkets. Spray oils have zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero calories and for the same taste!!


When it comes to lunch, keep the appetizers light. Read the rest of this entry »

Acid Reflux and Ulcers

First let me start defining what's an ulcer.

Stomach Ulcer or Peptic Ulcer  is a small sore in the lining of the stomach. Once this sore occurs, acidic gastric juices will be produced which will lead to Ulcer.


Researches estimate that up to 70 % of the world population that have ulcer is infected with H. Pylori bacteria, which lives in the lining of the stomach.

Another cause of ulcer is the use of  Non- Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory drugs   (NSAID s),  like Aspirin.

Ulcer can affect men and women at any age!

Be Careful!!

Certain food tend to increase pain due to ulcer and also tend to increase  acid production in the digestive tract.

That's why You have to: Read the rest of this entry »

6 Surprising Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Many people complain and say that diets don’t work for me because I always diet for weeks and months and I don’t see any result! Then they say forget it if I am gaining weight, let me eat the food I like rather than eat diet food...

We also hear that eating late at night, increasing the food portions, and not moving a lot, are directly related to gaining or at least not losing weight.

But do you know that there are other reasons that stabilize your weight and interfere with the kilograms you want to get rid of?

These reasons might sound weird for you... READ IT!

1-    Thyroid hormones:

They are classified as hypothyroid (leads to very low metabolism) or hyperthyroid (leads to very high metabolism)

If your are dieting, exercising and not losing weight,  be sure to go and visit the endocrinologist, it might be related to your hypothyroid hormone which will not make you burn a lot of calories, will decrease your metabolism and will cause weight gain.

Altroxine is giving to people suffering from this problem

2-    Depression:

Depression might affect your weight. It increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) which increases adrenaline levels in your body which in return increases insulin levels. The high level of insulin in the blood causes hunger and increases appetite and will force your liver to make extra fat from the extra calories you consume.

3-    Low testosterone levels in men

Testosterone is the growth hormone for men, in other words it is responsible for making men “manly”.

The main reasons for dropping down this level are belly fat in men and increase in age.

If you see someone thin with belly fat, you can easily predict that he has low levels of testosterone in his body.

When testosterone is low, the muscles in the body can’t be built; the metabolism will drop causing gaining in weight.

So the solution is, men should get rid of this fat belly and benefit from normal level of testosterone so they can enjoy a healthy life.

4-    Diet food: Read the rest of this entry »

The TOP 3 Benefits of Artichokes!

I love artichoke! I usually enjoy eating it on its own, or with a simple dipping sauce ( olive oil, garlic and lemon sauce)! while I keep the heart, (which  is tasty as well) for soups or  salads!

Artichokes like many other vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which prevent cancer diseases in general, but leukemia and breast  cancer specifically.

Artichokes are also known to raise good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

But besides being rich in antioxidants, artichokes offer 3 unique benefits which I'd like to focus on!! :)

1- Treatment for liver diseases:

Dueto cynarin (antioxidant in the pulp of artichoke)  and another antioxidant, silymarin, artichokes  have always been used as a treatment for liver diseases!

Studies have found they may even regenerate liver tissue.

Hangover Treatment!

  Thanks to their positive effects on the liver, many people believe in artichokes as a hangover treatment!

High in Fiber!

One large artichoke contains a quarter of the recommended daily intake of fiber (25 grams /day). A medium artichoke has more fiber than a cup of prunes!

1 whole cooked artichoke (medium size) has almost:

65 calories and 0.1 grams of fat.

1 cooked artichoke heart has almost:

19 calories, 0.1 grams of fat.

Artichoke is one of the healthiest foods! Include it in your diet!! :D

I Love Pesto Sauce!

Pesto sauce is an old Italian recipe used mainly as a sauce for different kinds of pasta!

And that's my new condiment now after mustard!! I use pesto sauce as a spread for my toasts or mix it with my salad dressing.. I'm loving its taste! :D

PESTO SAUCE  is a blend of fresh basil leaves, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and pepper.

There are 80 calories in 1 Tablespoon of pesto sauce.

When breaking down the calories, 83 % come from fat, 13 % come from protein and 4 % come from carbohydrates.

As you can see, pesto sauce is high in fat content, but it is considered a healthy condiment! Many of its calories come from the olive oil which is a monounsaturated fat and a vitamin E rich food that lowers free radicals in our body, increases your HDL , the good cholesterol and prevents strokes and heart attacks.
Basil, the main ingredient of pesto sauce is loaded with many vitamins such as beta-carotene, vitamins A and K. It is also rich in iron and has no calories!
  It gives a thickness to the sauce and adds flavour to it. Parmesan cheese is a source of calcium, Vitamin A and D, which increases bones health.
Pine nuts: These are high in calories but are an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which play a role in lowering high triglycerides levels!

 Garlic in pesto sauce is a flavour enhancer and has the ability to lower blood cholesterol level and to increase HDL.
I can say pesto sauce has a positive nutritional value. It is a healthy condiment to be used with pasta, sandwiches or salad dressings. But it has many calories so it should be used as a flavour enhancer and not a food item to be eaten in excess :)  

Weight loss or Fat Loss??

Maybe a lot of you don't know what's the difference between body fat loss and body weight loss!

Here's the concept!

When you want to lose weight, the procedure occurs due to water and muscle loss which is the Lean Body Weight, or due to the fat mass, or even from both!

  • Weight Loss. You want to lower your body-weight, the sum weight of your bones, muscles, organs, body fat, ...
  • Fat Loss. You want to lower your body fat, the amount of fat your body carries.

mmmm Confusing???

You might be  just worried about decreasing your body weight, but when losing weight quickly and in an unhealthy way, just know that you are losing Lean Body weight and NOT the FAT!!

SO HOW CAN YOU LOSE THIS BODY FAT?? Read the rest of this entry »

Late Night Cravings??

Readers!! If you wanna lose weight naturally, then you need to control your nighttime food cravings!


All food cravings are diet-killers (if you do wrong choices), but the ones that hit you late at night seem to be the worst diet enemy! It just causes a fast weight gain coz your metabolism will simply go down at night, so anything you eat is more likely to be stored as fat!

That's why we don't have to skip breakfast and lunch at all, which help you control your nighttime eating habits!

Plus people who eat the 2 above meals, need to have dinner as well!! Don't ever think that cutting down the calories will help you lose weight, it will set you up for more food cravings later in the evening!! So eat a medium-sized dinner that includes lots of high-fiber foods (like veggies, salads, and whole-grain breads). Reduce your fat intake at night which will reduce you fat storage as well!

But I understand that many of you, including me, like to munch on something, especially late night after a long busy day, which we usually call it the mindless snacking, which happens usually while watching TV, or while browsing the net! :)


- Carrot and cucumber sticks, with some low-fat yogurt dip

- Broccoli and cauliflower raw crunchy pieces, with cocktail dip (mustard, ketchup and low-fat mayo)

- 1 small bowel of low-fat popcorn, full of fiber, super healthy and light!

- 1 fresh fruit from your choice ( one only)! Excellent high fiber choice!

- 1 handful of mixed nuts, full of protein and fiber

- 1 mug of whole wheat cereal with low-fat milk or yogurt

- 1 handful of pumpkin or sunflower seeds, non salted (salt retains water), full of fiber!!

- 2 small squares of dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants!

One simple tip that I usually do and helps a lot!!! Brush your teeth after you eat with a menthol toothpaste! It just relieves the hunger feeling!!

Try it!! :D

Are Eggplants oily and fatty?

Eggplants are zesty! That's why a lot of you think that eggplants are fatty!
" They are full of oil! you can feel it!"
But that's absolutely wrong!!
Eggplants are believed to originate from India, also known as aubergines.
It is an extremely  low calorie food, unlike what most of you think! In fact, one medium eggplant contains approximately 55 calories!!  It is a non-fat, zero-cholesterol, zero-sodium food!
Eggplants main health benefit is to decrease cholesterol level in a direct and fast way, and to prevent cancer cells from mutation!

Post holidays: Eat this! Not that!

Most of us have put on some extra kilos during those holidays and it is really annoying especially for those who lost weight before their vacations!

So at this point we're all trying to decrease only our food portions without taking into consideration the quality of our food. But this is not enough!

Both quality and quantity of food  are important for our fat body percentage to get lower..

This is an easy chart I provide to my clients, to let them know that they can still eat some of their favorite foods but with less fat and calories.

It can also be very useful for you after the holidays ;)

Instead of:


1-    Whole milk:

Use: Low-fat or Skim milk

2-    Heavy cream:

Use: 1 cup skim milk + 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, blended  


3-    Cheddar & Swiss cheeses: Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas Food Fiesta!

Merry chritsmas everyone! 

The season is terribly cold!! And we all know that when we feel cold, we tend to eat more!

It's chrsitmas, and we all wanna celebrate and forget about diet and healthy eating!

" It's just a matter of one week then I'll go back to my normal habits"

But "this week" can simply be a disaster if you don't watch your foods and drinks!


What to eat, what not to eat, what to eat in moderation, what to decrease and what not to worry about???

1- Watch what you drink: Be careful about the alcohool consuption! 4  or more glasses of alcohol in one night is counted  as binge drinking.


One glass of red wine is excellent for your heart, it increases HDL and decreases LDL due to its high content of "resveratrol" .

But one glass has 120 calories! So healthy doesn't mean that you can binge on it!

2 glasses of red wine, 3 times a week are considered okay.



2- Buy less food for the celebration, and don’t let this occasion turns into an excuse for a whole  month of bingeing. Don't  ever go to a supermarket if you feel hungry!!

3- What are you realy eating?? Keep reading the labels, but don't be fooled! Are ‘light’ potato chips or crisps really a great health option?  You can save more than 30 calories on a packet if you know how to read the labels! And the most important thing is not to get confused between zero sugar, zero fat, and zero calories!

"Zero fat" or "no sugar"  don't mean "Zero calories", so go easy!

Check all the terms meanings here! Read the rest of this entry »

5 Drinks to have when you want to lose weight!

Your weight might be under control, but it's not going down to where you’d like it to be!! Do you count what do you drink per day!?

That may be your problem! Some people don't consider their drinks when counting their total daily calories intake. Unfortunately drinks can add up a lot of sugar and extra no needed calories! Plus It seems like every other day a new study warns of another potential health risk linked to soft drinks!


Here are the best 5 drinks!!!

1- Ice cold water:

Guess what!! You'll be burning extra 250 calories a day by just drinking 8-to-10 glasses of ice cold water!

Your body has to burn energy (calories) in order to heat the ice cold water back up to your body temperature (37 degrees).

So you can lose up to 1 kilo per week by just having water and more specifically ice cold water!

2- Fat-Free Milk:

Milk is high in calcium which boosts weight loss by increasing fat breakdown in fat cells. Milk has calories for sure, and you shouldn't drink it like water,  but adding milk to your diet in moderation can double the rate of losing fat :)

3- Vegetable Juice: Read the rest of this entry »

Can Apple vinegar helps in losing fat!?

I was sitting with a friend of mine, and she was telling me that she's taking 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar directly after her meals. She heard that apple vinegar is a fat burner and it accelerates weight loss!

Personally, I didn't agree with that because of its high acidity that can be harmful for the stomach.

Although Apple Vinegar has never been documented to do anything but add a nice flavor to salad dressings, has it suddenly become a weight loss cure??

Well maybe a lot of you are doing that too!

One study showed that apple cider vinegar has the ability to delay gastric emptying which is a good thing for normal individuals (not for people suffering from ulcer and reflux). It increases the satiety feeling, meaning you can stay full for a longer time. This prevents you from eating more, that's why you lose weight!

Apple vinegar can destroy harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and is recommended to be consumed with your meals.

It has become popular as a natural appetite suppressant. That's why some people consume it before their meals or directly after the meals.

But it doesn't burn fat. It only delays the feeling of hunger!

Think about it, if that works, then the whole world would be downing that stuff  like water!!

There is no substitute for exercise, eating less and lean!!

Apple cider vinegar is a natural source of potassium (5mg/serving). It is healthy to cook with it, or have it as a salad dressing, especially to treat mild hypertension.

But …A weight loss miracle??  I DOUBT

Please do not apply what you always hear!  Ask an expert!!

Obalon Balloon!

obalon video

This is the most recent "Balloon weight loss" solutions!! You just have to swallow a tablet that turns into gastric Balloon in your stomach.

(As you saw in the video)

People who are really desperate to lose weight have already used this technique by swallowing a gastric balloon, which works by expanding in their stomach to curb their appetite.

First you swallow one capsule (balloon), 1 month later you take the second.. It works by floating on top of the stomach, stopping you from eating a lot and  stimulating the receptors which tell you you're full, sooner.



In my opionion this is soooooo bad!! First you're having only the short -term effects.. Right! You're losing weight (by the way not too much weight), but yes weight is lost in a shorter time..

Then once the balloon is being removed, what's gonna happen?? You will eventually have the normal stomach size you had before, and slowly slowly, you will Re- eat the same portions you used to have...

By doing this technique, you're just decreasing the portions.. You're not learning a new healthy lifestyle. By doing this technique,  you just want to lose weight by eating whatever you want but less. So once removed, the appetite will go back to whatever it was, and weight will eventually be regained quickly..

It is costly and some people have experienced negative side effects..

So in my opinion or any other dietitians opinions, I always recommend the natural way of losing weight, which is actually changing our lifestyle, and getting long- term results which last forever! We do not need a diet , we need a lifestyle modification..

Weight loss should be easy and slowly for you to lose fat and most importantly to keep it!

Although it takes a longer time, a healthy varied and balanced diet along with an active lifestyle is all what you need :)


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