X (for privacy) is a 35 year- old woman who is a housewife.

She wanted to lose weight and regulate her blood glucose level which revealed to be high recently. She was diagnosed by her doctor as having type -2 diabetes, and he told her to try a diet as a first step treatment.

I checked her blood test. Everything was normal, but her blood glucose level was a bit high.

Glucose: 6.7 mmol/L over than 6.1 mmol/L (FASTING)

X eats one meal a day, but sometimes she goes out for dinner and doesn’t watch much her quality and quantity intake. She is so lazy and doesn’t have time to exercise. She sometimes walks for 30 minutes.

Height: 167cm

Weight: 79kg

 X was worried about her case and was asking me about the complications that might affect her if diabetes was not treated, what are the  important stuff she should know about type-2 diabetes and how can she change her lifestyle.


My answers:


1-     First I wanted her to know that diet is not a short term thing, it is a lifestyle, a new one that has to be kept for ever. X has already the motivation to change, so she is ready for a change and she can do it. She doesn’t have to think about diet in a bad way and has to live her life normally. She can still go out for dinners, for coffee, nothing will change.

2-     If diabetes is not treated, her lipid profile would increase, thus cholesterol and blood pressure. That’s why controlling her blood glucose level is a must.

3-     X is overweight; her BMI (28.4) is above 25.

She needs to lose 12 kg.

 To do that, instructions about food labels must be given. She must read the percentage of fat in her food, specially the saturated fat and the cholesterol. She must look at the calories content per serving and for each category.

Carbohydrate content is also very important. Sucrose in food products must me small in content.

4-     X must introduce exercise in her lifestyle. Because most of type 2 diabetic people are overweight, they should exercise more to lose weight and to decrease their glucose level.

She doesn’t have to do heavy exercises. She just has to choose any kind of exercise that she likes and to do it for 3 times a week, that’s enough.

5-     As I said before, X is overweight; she has to follow a diet of 1200 calories per day according to her energy expenditure test, and her eating habits. She has to lose 1 kg per week, if she loses quickly, she will easily gain it back again.

1200 calories per day:


–         2 brown toasts ( brown is essential, it contains fiber and will decrease glucose absorption into the blood)

–         1 glass of skim milk with sweetener if sugar is needed

–         2 slices of white cheese (light) or 1 slice of cheese and one slice of turkey or 1 boiled egg.

Snack: 1 medium banana




–         2 cups of steamed rice or pasta or lentils or 1 medium potato in the oven

–         100 g of proteins: 1/2 chicken breast or 2 small pieces of grilled meat or 15 grilled medium size shrimps, 3 small fillets of grilled fish, 4 kebab, 5 shish taouk.

–         1 plate of green salad with 2 teaspoon of olive oil


Snack: 10 nuts or 1 finger kit Kat or half glass of fresh juice



–         2 brown toasts

–         2 tablespoon of labneh light, or 2 slices of cheese, or 2 slices of turkey or one tuna can in water.

–         Vegetables (lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes…)


Before sleeping:


One cup of chamomile or anise