X (for privacy) , a new client, is a 50 year-old businessman. Recently, he experienced a mild burning sensation in his chest, so the doctor advised him to do some check up tests.


Hemoglobin: 15.6 g/dl

Creatinine: 0.9 mg/ dl

Total cholesterol: 267mg/dl above normal

HDL cholesterol: 27 mg/dl below normal

Triglycerides: 145 mg/dl above normal

Blood pressure: 150/90 mmHG above normal

Pulse: 78 beats/minute above normal

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 83 kg

In case the results are in mmol/L  you can only see the normal range then compare.

After, reviewing his tests with his personal doctor, he was recommended to visit a dietitian. He came to me wanting to change his nutritional lifestyle and to lose weight!

After talking to him, I got his daily lifestyle:

X smokes a pack of cigarettes daily; he drinks on average 8 cups of coffee per day. He sometimes skips breakfast at home, and has doughnut or croissant at the office. He always has lunch meetings outside and usually has escalope, pasta dishes, and hamburger… Mostly, he has dinner at home when he comes back at night, eats a lot of fruits and goes out on weekly bases to his friends where he likes to have a couple glasses of alcohol.

His physical activity consists mainly of swimming in summer and plays football with his 2 children on the weekends.

Ok, now let me tell you what are the risk factors of X, why did he feel uncomfortable. What complications might be expected if his condition goes untreated, and how can he change his lifestyle.


First of all, X is over 50 year old. He has a family history of heart diseases. He smokes a lot, and his physical activity is low.

    HDL, the good cholesterol, is below the normal (40 mg/dl)

    LDL, the bad cholesterol, is above the normal (160 mg/dl)

    Total cholesterol is above the normal (240 mg/dl)

    His blood pressure is above the normal (14/9)

X is Overweight. His BMI is 26.7 above 25.

Atherosclerosis might develop in the cerebral arteries causing strokes, or in the coronary arteries causing heart attack.

LDL is much more important than Triglycerides and must be monitored quickly to prevent any further increase and so heart problems.


 The first treatment to begin with is to reduce his weight by changing his eating habits, and to control his physical activity.

 If his lipoprotein levels didn’t drop for 6 months, then it is recommended for X to visit his doctor for other solutions.


– X should reduce his intake of fatty food like hamburgers, doughnuts and croissant that are rich in saturated fatty acids ( fat that causes cholesterol), and instead consume the unsaturated fatty acids ( the good fat that lower cholesterol) like olive oil, avocados, nuts, fish…

– He must reduce his salt intake to reduce his blood pressure.

– He must consume more fiber and has to include fish in his meals 3 times a week.

– He also must decrease his coffee intake which can reduce his cigarettes consumption.

Coffee contains cafestol, it raises cholesterol level, so maximum he should take 2 cups per day.

– To raise the HDL levels, he should increase physical activity, stop smoking, also having 1 glass of red wine everyday is good in this case.

Physical activiy is advised 3 times a week for 45 minutes, without exausting himslef.



– Food must be cooked without heating the oil. Water is added instead of oil and too little salt (herbs and pepper instead). Then when the food is ready to eat, olive oil is added. In that way, he will take the unsaturated fatty acid (UFA) not the saturated fatty acids (SFA).

– Low- fat items must be used (milk, yoghurt, cheeses, butter…) to prepare ice cream for example, low fat milk and sweeteners should be used instead of the white sugar.

– Sorbets, fruit ice, fruit salads have to be more consumed

Soups should be cooked with little salt, skinless chicken. Spices, lemon and herbs should be added.

According to sweets, honey, jam, jelly, should be used often, these are fat- free.

X is classified as overweight: BMI ABOVE 25, and to lose weight, he needs 1500 cal per day.

 A varied healthy diet should be followed 🙂