Being the dietitian of my friends is really something nice for me, but might not be for them! 🙂 I keep on watching what are they eating, telling them what should they eat or drink when we go out, being sure that they are sticking to the diet, giving them the motivation they need during this period which might be tough for them.        

Some of my clients think that if I am sending them diet food or giving them a prescribed diet, that’s it, it is the end of the world! They will stop going out to restaurants, they will have to eat at home and then go out.. But believe me this is not true!        

It is time to get rid of this idea.. Don’t think about it that way, take it as a healthy lifestyle, and simply enjoy it!        

IF YOU ARE HOME:        

 if you are following a prescribed diet, just prepare the food by yourself. Be aware of the recommended portions. Do some decoration to your plate like cutting some vegetables on the side. Let your plate be appealling for the eyes.        

Put all the food to eat on a plate (soup, salad, main dish, fruit) ,then sit in front of the TV and watch something you like. Once your are done, that’s it. Wash your hands, brush your teeth and relax! 🙂        

If your dietitian is sending you specific meals, heat the food and do the same thing.        

IF YOU ARE OUT:        

There is a very easy way to follow.        

If you are on a prescribed diet, you can still go out with your friends, keeping in mind the allowed portions for that specific meal (lunch, dinner…)        

Don’t forget that in any restaurant, you can ask for other ingredients, other salad dressings, smaller portions.        

Go to EAT OUT AND ENJOY and check the post.        

If your dietitian is sending you specific meals , just take it with you. They will heat it for you and put it in very nice plates. You won’t even notice that you are different from your friends.        

This is typically what happened with my friend ( she doesn’t want to mention her name so I will keep it secret)        

We had a birthday last night, we were invited out for dinner. You just can’t imagine the food variety that was offered on the table. I was sitting next to her, I didn’t want her to lose the motivation.        

The waiter heated her food, she was eating with us, she ordered  one diet coke and at the end one double espresso.        

We were all talking, laughing and eating. she even forgot that she is on diet and that she is eating different food then the one that was served on the table.        


my friend eating her diet soup

my friend eating her diet chicken ceasar salad

the food variety on the table

fried food on the table