Diet pills have a great potential to help you lose weight and this can be very appealing for you. You feel so good about it, you become addicted to it.

They are very tempting things if you want to lose weight especially if you tried many diets without success.

But these advantages should be weighed against the possible dangers.

Diet pills are only for those suffering from serious obesity with a BMI of 35 or plus.

Before taking it, ask your doctor specifically if you suffer from other problems like diabetes or cholesterol.

Before taking weight loss pills, you should understand some dangerous side effects


Most available pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA are for short term use, so for few weeks.

Most weight loss pills are appetite suppressant, laxatives or fat absorption inhibitors.

1-      Laxatives:

Cause diarrhea, this is done on purpose to decrease food absorption by the intestine. Doing it will cause water, electrolytes and vitamins loss. It is so bad for your health.

Use a laxative only if you are constipated.

2- Appetite suppressants:

 Cause weight loss by tricking the body to believe that it is not hungry. They decrease appetite by increasing serotonin and catecholamine, 2 brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite. They cause mood swings, heart palpitation, and insomnia.


2-      Fat absorption Inhibitors:

They work by preventing your body from breaking down and absorbing the fat eaten. The unabsorbed fat will be eliminated in bowel movements.

Most known: Xenical

Xenical only blocks 30% of the dietary fat consumed not the fat stored in the body.

It is the only type of drugs that can be used for long term and only by obese people.


The risks of taking these pills:


Increased heart beats

Increased blood pressure




Excessive thirst



Dry mouth

Abdominal cramps

Water, electrolytes, and vitamins loss

These pills work on the brains neurons. They cause depression for some people. Also, they work by imitating the body enzymes responsible of breaking down the food we eat.

So you might lose weight but you will gain it back  once you stop it!


Don’t ever take weight loss pills if you suffer from:


High blood pressure

Heart disease

Kidney disease

Depression and other mental illness

Migraine and Headache

Pregnancy or if you plan to get pregnant


Ephedrine for weight loss:

– Recently, the diet product market has been saturated with pills that make all sorts of claims about Ephedrine.

– It has also been known for use as an energy booster or muscle mass builder, so it speeds up the metabolism.

– The Food and Drug Administration FDA is now warning people about the dangers of high doses of ephedrine and all ephedrine containing products.

– Ephedra is used to treat cold and flu. Asthma problems and Headache

– This drug is derived from a Chinese plant and works on the nervous system and on the heart.


Keep in mind, you should lose weight only by following a healthy diet program, and by exercising properly.

Remember, diet pills are not for everybody!