In my older post, I have mentioned that in order to get a flat belly, one of the things you need to do, is to prevent constipation and bloating problems.

Two days later, I got a comment from my cousin telling me that he has suffered from bloating problems few months ago, then besides the diet that he followed, the doctor told him to use the Himalayn Salt which  helped him a lot.

I was curious to know more about it and I thought of sharing  its benefits with you. You might suffer from the same problem or you might know someone who does.

” It is more than salt, it is a way of life”

This salt promotes  balanced electrolytes in your body and a healthy PH balance because it contains all the 84 compounds found in your body. It regulates the blood sugar level in your blood, decreases blood pressure, facilitates digestion and prevents digestive problems. Also, this crystal salt was prescribed  for people with kidneys and gall bladder diseases.

This salt is not heat treated like other salts, which destroys the essential trace elements.

Your body does not absorb too much the crystal salts as with table salt.

You can find it in organic shops.

This salt offers much more health benefits and is considered one of the purest salt on earth.

Know more about it, you will be  shocked!