Alcohol has 7 cal per gram, and these calories are called “empty” because alcohol does not contain any beneficial nutrient like vitamins and minerals.

Various sources of sugar are used to make alcohol:

Sugar from grapes is used to make wine

Barley is used to make beer

Sugar cane is used to make rum

Potatoes and beets are used to make vodka

Grains, wheat are used to make whiskey

BEER BELLY is caused by the fat stored due to excessive alcohol drinking.

light beer: 12 oz: 354 ml: 110 calories

regular beer: 12 oz: 354 ml: 150 calories

white wine: 5 oz: 147 ml: 120 calories

red wine: 5 oz: 147 ml: 140 calories

gin: 1.5 oz: 44 ml: 110 calories

rum: 1.5 oz: 44 ml: 98 calories

vodka: 1.5 oz: 44 ml: 96 calories

whiskey: 1.5 oz: 44 ml: 105 calories

champagne: 3 oz: 88 ml: 76 calories


Drinking too much alcohol has a damaging effect. Not only it contains lots of calories in one drink, but also it increases appetite, lowers testosterone levels for 24 hours after drinking.

Studies show that there is no significant weight gain when you drink alcohol. It increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR). So one drink per day is fine.


Keep in mind that the total calories in your drink might be higher due to the added juices and sodas. I recommend you to mix your alcohol with a sugar-free or light soda.


– Alcohol is metabolized in the liver by enzymes. excessive consumption leads to steosis ( fatty liver).

– Alcohol abuse is responsable for most of the cases of cirrhosis: major cause for developing liver cancer.

– Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels, hypoglycemia, this will be so dangerous for diabetic people.

– Alcohol is a diuretic. It causes dehydration and diarrhea, it can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes ( sodium, potassium…) in the body. This is why you feel that you have a flat belly the next morning when you wake up! This is only  water loss which causes hangover. Keep on drinking water the whole day.