Water is your body’s major nutrient, and makes up 70 to 75% of your total body weight.

Everyone should drink 8 glasses/day, and even more if you have problems in weight.

Drink water to get rid of the water retention, sound weird??

Have you ever felt heavy and bloated in the morning when you wake up? of course who didn’t..

Well, this feeling is a sign of the excessive water retention in your body, and excess salt is the cause. The more salt you consume, the more fluids you need to dilute it.

Drink plenty of water to get rid of the water retention and to clean your body.

The liver is responsable for the metabolism of stored fat into energy. Less water in the fat cells means less usage of fat for energy. Keep bottles of water with you in the purse in the car if you are willing to decrease your total body fat.

Water is by far the first and natural appetite suppressant. your body doesn’t ask for it when your are slightly thirsty, and some people mix up between the feeling of hunger or thirst; the key here is to have 2 glasses of water before each meal, you will notice the decrease in your food intake during the meal, you will be satisfied.

Sodas, teas and coffee are not considered as water, actually they increase the demand of water because  tannine and caffeine are categorised as diuretics so they flash out the fluids and keep you dehydrated.

Is too much water intake considered dangerous?

Taking more water than you need increases your total blood volume, which put extra load on your heart and blood vessels, damage your kidneys ( responsable of excretion of the extra water outside the bloodstream), this can be harmful and may cause death, so be careful.

Recommendation: 2 L/ day = 8 glasses/ day